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Math and Geometry Tools

Experience the Ah-Ha moments!      Now Available for Online and Offline Teaching!

newton School

by Kenny Baek

Experts in Math and Physics.

About KennY Baek

With 20 years teaching experience in math and physics, I can help you upgrade your level of understanding in these fields. I know the pain of memorizing equations and theorems without knowing the meaning behind them.


If you acquire concepts in the proper way from the start, then they will be engraved in your brain for the rest of the life. I will give you the Ah-Ha moments and joy of learning. Explaining everything in full detail and connecting examples to equations is my specialty. After each lesson, you will begin to appreciate the learning process, and find yourself becoming smarter and smarter.

I have been teaching all levels of math from algebra to calculus, along with all levels of physics from honors to AP physics and even F=MA test. 

Do you have questions?

Kenny has all the answers!

Kenny Baek from Newton School

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Algebra I/II




AP Exam Review

AP Calculus AB/BC

AP Physics I/II

AP Physics C

AP Statistics



SAT Review

ACT Review


MCAT Physics



AMC 10


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